28th april — 11th May 2019 — Adventure _Nar-Phu Yoga trek_ with Ganga-Jamuna trek & expeditions (Kathamandu, Nepal)

Unique, adventure and fascinating yoga trek to the «hidden» Nar-Phu valley in the Nepalese Himalayas.

There are very few people and amazing views there. Trek to the valley of Nar-Phu is an unforgettable adventure that will fill you with the joy of life, new forces and inspiration, the desire to develop and grow! There are very powerful energies in this magical place here for those who practice Yoga, qigong, meditation, or martial arts. Here you can perfectly “reboot your mind”, «restore your batteries», experience the power of Nature at its best, meet new friends and make unbelievable photos and videos. And then.. return home — a new and stronger person.



Total 12 days in the mountains, total trip (go and come back home) 14 days.
Trek difficulty level: technical — none, physical complexity — Easy to Medium.
The trip is suitable for all adult, healthy people in good physical shape. We do not recommend participation in the program for the elderly people and to any person who has some known issues with knees or the spine, or suffering from chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system.
For some days during this hike, we’ll be «off the grid» with no cellular* network available. *Sat phones as well as flying drones are forbidden in Nepal.

Two experienced group leaders will ensure your productive and enjoyable hike: Lilia Sulkhanyan (yoga program), and Alexey Sokolovsky (hiking, yoga teachers’ seminar and certification, additional yoga classes, + hypoxic training and TriggerPoint(R) sessions by request).

The unique advantages of this yoga trek:

  • This will be a visit to the conditionally closed conservation zone in the Nepalese Himalayas: Nar-Phu valley national park, the second name of which is «The Hidden Valley”. There are very few local people or tourists here. A special permit is needed to visit. Individual tourists are not allowed here at all.
  • You will marvel at the beautiful mountain views and almost untouched nature here. Easy to Medium hiking route, at altitudes starting from 1,430 m (Chamdje village) up t 5,430 m (Kang La pass). You will be required to walk 4-6 hours a day, on a rocky but easy trail.
  • You will visit the «hidden» villages of Nar and Phu, and particularly the important and ancient monastery of Tashi Lakhang in the village of Phu. We hope to get an audience with the monastery’s current head Lama.
  • You will practice traditional hatha yoga, pranayama and meditation every day (both group leaders are int.cert. yoga instructors). This will allow to better adapt to the heights, relieve more muscle tension after hiking transitions, prepare muscles for the load, and help the process of general recovery in high-altitude conditions. Reiki, TriggerPoint(R) will be available. And, for the hardy, there will be some additional hypoxic training with ElevationMask 2.0 (we have two brand new ElevationMasks 2.0 ready for you)!
  • Nar-Phu Valley is a little-known natural to the westerners Power spot — a place that “recharges” your vital energy. In Nepal, it has the status “bayul” — “secret valley”, or “valley of the Force” (along with the region of Shey-Phoxundo, elaborately described in the infamous «The Snow Leopard» book by Peter Matthiessen). At the same time, to repeat, the trail is not difficult or dangerous for organised trekking. Nowadays, the trek to Nar-Fu valley is gradually gaining popularity, while more popular routes like the Annapurna Curcuit, EBC, and, to a lesser extent, Upper Mustang and Lang-Tang treks became frustratingly crowded. You will visit a closed conservation natural park area, not just walk along the trampled commercial trail with an apple pie in one hand and a bootle of local beer in the other :)

Our journey will last for 14 days total, see more detailed breakdown of the trip here:

Tour program day by day:

Day 0: April 27, Saturday — departure to Nepal from you home county (all nationalities are welcome). You’re halfway to an adventure in the Nepalese Himalayas!

Day 1 (April 28, Sunday): Arrival to Kathmandu, NEPAL (altitude of this capital city is approx. 1350 m). You will be greeted by our representative at the airport. Transfer by taxi \ minibus to a 3 * hotel in the central Kathmandu. Some rest. Later general meeting of the Group Members will be held, to effectively address all organizational issues: exchanging dollars and euros for local currency, getting cash advances from credit cards, purchasing additional clothes for the trek, etc. Afternoon practice with group leaders will be held on our hotel’s rooftop in the evening, followed by a dinner in the city.

Day 2 (April 29): Transfer by jeep \ bus: Kathmandu — pos. Beshisahar — der. Chamje (altitude 1430 m) — about 7 hours \ 185 km (with a stop for lunch on the way). This first day of the trip we will spend on the road to find ourselves in the mountains tonight! Evening practice of yoga and meditation.

Day 3 (April 30): Hiking from Chamje to Dharapani village (1920m). Yoga and meditation practice. Today, we started hiking along a good path, travelling light and walking slowly, with some stops for tea and photos. (Sherpas wiil go on their own to meet us at the hotel in the evening.) At the end point a hotel will be booked for us to accommodate a group (two guests share a room).

Day 4 (May 1): Hike from Dharapani (1920 m) to Koto village (2600 m). Yoga and meditation. On the second day we continue along the “Annapurna Circuit Trek” route — the second most popular trekking route in Nepal after EBC. The village of Koto is a gateway to the Nar-Phu valley. But taking into account our previous trek here, we will slightly change the route in order to avoid a long hik of 23 km with a climb of about 1500m on the day one. In Koto, there are fascinating views of the Annapurna massif and some 6000m+ nearby peaks, and it is already cold in the morning, in the evening, and especially during the night here.

Day 5 (May 2): Hike from Koto (2600 m) to Ngawal (3560 m). Yoga and meditation. Halfway between Koto and Manang, the village of Ngaval is situated, its pathways offering another way in the Nar-Phu valley national park. This is our last overnight stop on the popular and crowded Annapurna Curcuit trek, and the turning point «to the Unknown»!

Day 6 (May 3): Hike from Ngawal (3560 m) over the magnificent high pass of Kang La (5300 m.) to Kang La Phedi village at 4530 m. Rest, acclimatization to height. Yoga and meditation. The most laborious day hike on the route: first, the climb, — not long, just about 3 hours, but it will be a really sharp climb up to the pass, and then a gradual descent to the village for the night.

Day 7 (May 4): Hiking from Kang La Phedi (4530 m) to Nar village (3550 m). Yoga and meditation. We delve deeper into the Nar-Phu national park. You will see the “medieval” way of life of the locals, and feel lost in time among the barren, out-of-this-world, «marsian» landscape of some part of the trek, reminding you of the Upper Mustang area not so far away from this location. You will see the untouched nature of the national park, open for any foreign tourist only about 6 years ago. At some places you will notice the ruins of some very old Buddhist stupas. The forest is alive with dozens kinds of birds and other living creatures, which, of course, will mostly scatter as we approach. This area is home to the rare red panda and other species. Altough the trail passes through the wild forest, is not difficult. Water and tea-houses with noodles and other simple food are scarce here, but we will manage.

Day 8 (May 5): Hike from Nar (3550 m) to Kyang village (3740 m). Yoga and meditation. We continue to gain altitude on the way to the Phu village as our trekking goal. Today is a “technical day”, not physically demanding. It will be mostly a rest day for acclimatization to altitude. (And also a «reserve» day for any delays, due to the weather conditions for example). You can walk around the village and take photos of the mountains and the unspoiled nature of the park. Now you are in the “heart” of the Nar-Phu natural reserve; there are no large human settlements here. Only about 6 years ago, the ministry of tourism of Nepal believed that this area was unsuitable for foreigners to visit and considered it dangerous for outsiders. Yoga and meditation in this Power spot, this unspoiled space, are really great.

Day 9 (May 6): Hike from Kyang (3740 m) to the Phu village (4050 m). Today you will see the fabulous «gate of Phu» location, unbelievably picturesque 100 feet+ hight staircase carved in the rock, and visit the ancient monastery «Tashi Lakhang Gompa». And also, if we are allowed, we will pay our respects and receive a blessing from the famous lKarma Sonam Rinpoche Lama. He is an advanced meditation teacher, and the monastery itself is officially included in the 100 most important (ancient and revered) Buddhist monasteries of the world.

Day 10 (May 7): We descent to the villages Kyang or Dharamsala.

Day 11 (May 8): We descent to the Koto village (2600 m).

Day 12 (May 9): We hike down to Dharapani (1920m) and Chamje (1,420m).

Day 13 (May 10): Transfer by jeep \ minibus \ bus to Kathmandu (about 7 hours). We will arrive to Kathmandu in the late afternoon. Evening is free time in Kathmandu (shopping, getting a back and foot massage, or just it kicking back with a glass of fresh fruit juice). Dinner and sharing is planned for late evening together.

Day 14 (May 11): Check-out time in our hotel is 12:00. Throughout the day you have your paid-for transfer to the airport. The program on this day is optional, upon request, group leaders will help you to easily organize any excursions inside or outside the Kathmandu valley. E.x., you can visit such places of interest in Kathmandu as the Boudhanath stupa complex, Svayambhunath stupa, Pashupatinath (cremation grounds), Durbar Square (Kathmandu’s central square), amazing Kopan monastery, shoking Dakshina Kali temple (where animal sacrifices are made on a large scale), the potters’ city of Lalitpur, Kathmandu city viewpoint cable car, etc. Or plan an unforgettable flight around the Everest mountain (!) in a small airplane (45 minutes). Beginning from 12 o’clock this afternoon, and during this whole day, plan your flight home.

Day 15 (May 12, Sunday): You are at home!


Trek cost per person:
$ 1,450 tour package. The cost of participation (tour package) is entered as follows: $400 you will need to send us in advance + $ 1050 payable on the day of your arrival to Kathmandu.

1. We offer 10% discount for groups of friends (3 or more people).
2. Yoga teachers with their group, write — special conditions apply for you, — please notify us well in advance to get 20-30% discounts.

Tour package price ($ 1,450) INCLUDES:

  • Nepali porter services (“porter” \ «sherpa»): carries up to 10-12 kg of your baggage in a backpack or duffel bag (more weight — possible with a surcharge). The porter is a Nepali adult citizen with a basic knowledge of English, who will be equipped with proper clothing for the trek, and insured. Sherpa carries baggage at his own pace (not “behind me”). 12 days total. Nepali sherpa will expect to be tipped at least $20-40 or more on the last day of the trek (these tips are NOT included in the tour price).
  • All permits and formalities of the Nar-Phu trek (costing about $200). We plan to spend 6 days in the Nature reserve.
  • Experienced licensed (certified) Nepalese mountain guide for all days in the mountains (12 days total),
  • Russian & English (some French) speaking group leaders for all the days of the tour,
  • timely solution of all organizational issues (hotel reservations, sherpas, advance registration of permits for Nar-Phu trek). To issue your permits in advance, we will need your passport scan (1st page only) to be sent to us at least 1 month prior to the trek.
  • participation in all group yoga classes (1-3 times a day, 11 trekking days, depending on the schedule of the particular day)
  • transfers from and to the airport on the scheduled days of the tour program;
  • all nights accommodation: 1) in Kathmandu — 3 * level hotel, double occupancy (2 nights); 2) in the mountains (11 nights) — simple guest houses (2-4 persons per room in some places, otherwise double occupancy). Please note, that for SINGLE occupancy you will have to pay extra, and also not all the mountain guest houses can provide single accomodation. Check in advance with group leaders.
    Staying overnight in the mountains during this trek (11 nights): the conditions wiil be unpretentious, with 2-3 people in the room, and in some places the toilet will be outside.
    Meals during this trek — vegetarian \ non-veg local cuisine, food is ordered by the menu: rice, pasta, legumes, vegetables in the form of curry, in some places there is meat (not recommended). Food prices on this track: $3-6 for a main course, tea $1-3, a bottle of drinking water $1-3 (same as 1 liter of boiled water); owners of a water filter will be able to draw water from a stream \ river and drink for free. We normally spend an average of $20-30 a day for the food on the trek (depending on how much you eat!), this is a calculation without chokolate bars, without meat and of course without alcohol. Food on the trek will be not very tasty, locals use simple and fast recipes.
    Mobile connection and (absent) WiFi: upon arrival at the airport, you can purchase a SIM card of any format and use mobile Internet, social networks and instant messengers al most all the days of the tour (the price of NCELL sim card with 3GB 4G mobile Internet is within $10). If you need to stay in touch, this is the only option. There will be practically no WiFi in the mountains on this route. Some days of this trek, internet connection will be entirely unavailable.

Tour price does NOT include:

  • air flight (from 32.000 rubles from Moscow and back when buying for 6 months);
  • food and drink: you need $ 200. Catering is always organized à la carte (more than 20 positions): in a guest house for group accommodation;
  • 15-day tourist visa to Nepal (just pay $ 25 upon arrival to Kathmandu airport);
  • tips to the porters (sherpa) and the mountain guide on the last day of the trek (each member of the group should put aside at least $30-50 or more if you prefer, for this purpose);
  • travel medical insurance — $70 international WORLD NOMADS is recommended — covering mountain tourism up to 6.000 m, with helicopter rescue possibility.

To join this tour group, please write to Mr. Hemanta Buddhatoki (tour manager) at trekkingsnepal@gmail.com or you can write him on Facebook messenger https://www.facebook.com/messages/t/hemant12 

Contact Alex Sokolovskiy for any trek and yoga-raleted questions for this trip alex@yogawebinar.ru 

ATTENTION YOGIS! As part of this yoga tour, those who wish will attend Teaching Traditional Yoga workshop and certification programme with experienced uoga instructor Alexey Sokolovsky (more than 9 years of teaching, more than 18 years of personal yoga practice) for additional fee.

Workshop will include 4 hours of classes in 2 days (theory + Q&A + practice + Q&A). This workshop will be divided into 2 parts: April 28 and May 11 (classes will be held in Kathmandu).

And those who have long dreamed of getting a legitimate certificate of traditional hatha yoga teacher from an Indian yoga center will be able to do this after an interview and an exam (theory and practice of hatha yoga).

Prerequisites for obtaining this particular international certificate:
1. Solid knowledge of traditional yoga theory (Patanjali’s «Yoga Sutra» etc),
2. mastering basic asanas (such as Trikonasana, Eda Pada Pranamasana etc)
3. sound physical health (you are going to a 3000m+ hike anyway)
5. minimum 3 years of hatha yoga practice (any style)

The practical part of the exam will be held during the mountain hike in the form of demonstration of the traditional yoga asanas \ photo & video session.

The examiner Alexey Sokolovskiy is authorized to conduct examinations for and issue legitimate certificates of the Om International Yoga Health Society, Varanasi, UP, INDIA (follow the link for more info online).

The cost of participation in the Teaching Traditional Yoga workshop (4 h, 2 days) is $100, exam+certificate is another optional $100 (total $200). You can just attend the workshop without going for the certificate if you prefer. The workshop, the exam (and the certificate) will be in Russian and English language both.