Kailash trek 2018 with Alex

Kailash trip by land from Nepal 16-30th September 2018

We will visit:

  • Gosaikunda trek (Shiva lakes) in Nepal Himalayas
  • Manasarovar lake in Tibet
  • Kailash mountain, 

We will go around the holy Kailash mountain in 3days walking pilgrimage (hike).
Total lenghth of Kailash Parikrama is 54 km, elevations vary from 4300 m to 5600 m (Dolma la \ Green Tara pass).
The walking road is good and suitable for people of all ages, if the health is OK.

I visited Kailash 2 times before, you can see
Photos from my 1st Kailash parikrama (2011) — https://www.flickr.com/photos/sokolovsky/albums/72157627924810759 
2nd Parikrama (2014): https://bit.ly/2mKNSVf  
и https://bit.ly/2A5juyo 


Day-to-day program of this tour:

15 september  — fly from your city to Kathmandu.

Day 1, arrive to Kathmandu in the morning. we will give our original passports to our tour company representative to make our group’s Chinese and Tibetan visas («alien permit») needed for Kailash tour.
Day 2, we travel from Kathmandu to Kutumchang (2450m) to Mangengot (3330), from there we will walk next day.
Day 3, walking from Mangengot (3330) — to Gopte (3740)
Day 4, walking from Gopte (3740) — to Gosaikunda village \ lake (4400)
Day 4, Gosaikunda lake (4400) — climb to view point at 5000m for better acclimatisation — come down to Sing Gompa village (3320)
Day 6, walk from Sing Gompa village (3320) — to Syabrubeshi village (1460). half day total rest.
Day 7, drive by jeep from Syabrubesi village (1460) — to Chinese border — cross border, meet our Tibetan guide — drive to Saga city (4500) by bus \ micro
Day 8, drive from Saga (4500) — to Mayum La pass (5207) — to Manasarovar lake (4600)
Day 9, drive from Manasarovar lake (4600) — to Darchen (4650) (today is 24th September, full moon day)
Day 10, start Parikrama: walk from Darchen (4650) — near North face of Kailash- to Dira phuk monastery (4950), walking today is around 20km, but the road is mostly even, this das is not difficult.
Day 11, full day near North face of Kailash (if we are on schedule. its not sure we will have this extra day). this is extra 4th day of Parikrama.
Day 12, walk from Dira phuk (4950) to — Dolma La pass (5636 ) — to Zutrul phuk monastery (4835). difficult day because of the pass. around 15 km
Day 13, walk from Zutrul phuk (4835) down (around 12 km)  — at around 12 o’clock we come back to Darchen, we have lunch — drive to Saga city (4500)
Day 14, Drive by bus from Saga (4500) — to Girong (4100) — to the border — to Kathmandu.
Evening is the end of this program.
Evening after 21 pm one can plan flight home.
Or next day
Day 15: 1 st October, must checkout from the hotel. Your paid taxi to the airport is whole day (any time).
Today you fly home, and 2nd October you are home.
Tour Package: 2300 USD, includes:
* all transfers (taxi , micro, bus, jeep) according to the tour programme,
* breakfast on days 8,9 and 14 — in Chinese cities (not during 3\4 days Parikrama)
* Tibetan group permit, lake Manasarovar and Kailash parikrama permit, all road taxes,
* 8 kilo luggage during Kailash parikrama (we will take porters \ yaks and yak herders as per guide descision), outside Parikrama luggage is unlimited (bring as much as you need), as we travel by bus\jeep and luggage is not a problem. For Parikrama, your 8 kg luggage should be packed in 1 bag\backpacked and locked with a small lock for 100% safety.
* meditations along the way (where it will be proper)generally- 1-2 times daily
* accomodation all days of the program (14 nights), In Kathmandu — double room occupancy (2 people in one room) in Tibet Guest house 2* (or similar) http://www.tibetguesthouse.com/ 

Tour package EXCLUDES:

* air travel to\from Kathmandu
* Nepal tourist visa if needed (24 usd — 30 days tourist visa, made on arrival)
* medical insurance if needed ,its your choice
* tips to porters, bus \ jeep \ micro driver , other personnel
* small fees, for example to wash clothers, to visit hot showers, WiFi, photo\video fees in monasteries, tickets to monasteries. take $50 extra for this, but you will neeed less.
* food and drinks (except for above mentioned). You will generally need about $200-300 USD extra for your food (depending on how much you eat), $400 USD if you take beers and eat some meat.
* any additional cost depening on travel delays due to unexpected political unrest in Tibet \ weather conditions \ or personal health condition (force-major).
* mountain altitude sickness medicine will be provided (if needed). Most people experience mild AMS (acute mountain sickness) during Kailash trek, including: mild headache, dizziness, loss of apetite, that does not need any medical help and will go naturally after we come down from Parikrama.
* you should bring: cold medicine (for example, Paracetamol tablets 1 blister), diarea medicine, etc as per personal needs.CLOTHES:
* for this tour, you can bring normal clothing (jeens, t-shirt, shit, sport clothing etc. as per personal preference.)
* for Gosaikunda trek, and Kailash Parikrama, suggestion is to bring:
* 1 training trousers (not so hot!), 2 training shirts with long sleeve, 2 sintetic t-shirts with short sleeve, 1 pair of light trousers of shorts for hot days, 1 hat \ baseball hat, 3-4 pairs of socks, 1 training\running shoes or light trekking shoes (not so hot!), sun screen creme, sun glasses. also you will need raincoat or windstopper jacket for windy days and possible rain\snow during Parikrama. Rain is not expected but is possible.

*  1 backpack or duffel bag for luggage , this can be 10-15 kg (8 kg for Gosaikunda trek and Parikrama, excess thing we will store in locked storage room in the village to collect after trek is finished).
* AND 1 small backpack which you carry youself (with your water bottle, money, passport, photo camera, wind stopper jacket, etc small things — this should be maximum 4-5 kg not to slow you down and let you enjoi the walk)
* not recommended to bring laptop, etc breakable things during all this trip.

For any questions, please ask me more.
alex@yogawebinar.ru \ https://www.facebook.com/Solar.Serfer